Innovative Solutions for ElderCare

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Our AI lab is dedicated to developing innovative solutions to improve elder care in nursing homes and senior day care centers. We're excited to share some of our latest projects with you!


Bridging the Language Gap in Eldercare

CareTalking is an AI-powered language translation tool designed to bridge communication barriers in eldercare.

AI-powered Language Translation

CareTalking features an AI-powered speech-to-text and text-to-speech translation capabilities, making communication easier for foreign staff who may not speak the same language as the seniors they care for.

Customizable Phrases for Specific Tasks

It includes a favorites section for frequently used phrases, a customized library for profession-specific phrases, and themes sections for pre-built collections of phrases tailored for specific caregiving tasks such as meal assistance, medication, and toileting.

Empowering Therapists and Social Workers

Therapy Assist is an AI-based application that streamlines the client documentation process for therapists and social workers enabling them to work faster and more efficiently.

Improved Note-Taking 

TherapyAssist is an intelligent AI engine that ensures accurate categorization and analysis of notes. It effortlessly automates SOAP categorization and allows for effortless note-taking through dictation or typing, revolutionizing the way professionals capture and manage their clients' information.

Enhanced Customization and Progress Tracking

The tool also offers customizable templates to fit unique documentation styles and progress tracking through insightful comparisons, leading to reduced workload and improved accuracy in note-taking and analysis for better client care.

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